The Pleiades Cluster

The Pleiades Cluster (M45, The Seven Sisters)


An open star cluster containing about a 1000 stars. It is dominated by middle-aged hot B-type stars but also contains many brown dwarfs. The cluster lies roughly 135 parsecs from Sol. The cluster core radius is about 8 light years and tidal radius about 43 light years. The cluster is passing through a particularly dusty region of the interstellar medium there are two particularly dense nebula clouds, Merope Nebula (Tempel’s Nebula, NGC 1435) and Maia Nebula (NGC 1432).

It is generally assumed that pre-collapse humans originating from the Sol System colonized the Pleiades Cluster about ten thousand years ago. It is assumed that these Terrans set out for the Pleiades for two reasons. First because it is relatively close to the Sol System, and second because of the large number of high gravity stars in close proximity created a high probability of silpstream connections between systems. It is debated amongst historians if the Terrans came by slipstream or if they came on sub-light colony ships. If the former is true then the slipknot is long since lost.

Inhabited star systems in the cluster, connected by slipstream are Alcyone, Merope, Celaeno, Rhee, and Taygeta.


The Pleiades Cluster

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