Temennu Empire

  • Inbred feudal dynasties
  • Millennia old naval tradition
  • “I destroyed, devastated, and burned with fire”

The ruling power of the Alcyone System dominate by the Supreme Empress Temennu. A seemingly immortal human who is claimed to trace her lineage back to the original colonists of Alcyone and some say back to the lost home-world, Terra. The symbol of the Temennu Empire is a golden sunburst with three small planets inside. This is curious because most people in the Pleiades Cluster don’t associate golden colors with sunlight.

Under the Empress are hierarchies of inbred feudal dynasties wrought by constant internal strife and intrigue. The most advanced genetic modifications are reserved for the nobility and some of them are practically supermen. Temennu feudalism is thus a genetic hierarchy as well as a political one.

By Imperial order all of humanity is ruled by Empress Temennu and she has ordered campaigns to make sure that it is so. Most of the noble houses support this doctrine since these wars of expansion are highly profitable. The Temennu Empire has a reputation for being totally ruthless towards anyone who does not submit to Imperial rule. The infamous motto of the Empress is: “I destroyed, devastated, and burned with fire”.

Temennu Empire

Revolution Era Hjalti82