Merope (System B)
T-1 E0 R-1

  • Tribal culture
  • Hostile wild life
  • Constant strife
  • Alone in the cloud
  • The pulsing heart of a star

Merope is a B-type blue-white subgiant. It has 4,5 times the mass of Sol and radius more than 4 times as great, its luminosity is 630 times that of Sol. It is a Beta Cephei type variable star meaning that it has slight variations in heat and luminosity output due to pulsations of the star’s surface. These pulsations come regularly in 4 hour cycles and can be felt in the course of a day on most planets.

The sky is dominated by the Merope Nebula, the few visible stars are shrouded in the blue luminous cloud.

Notable planets: Glaukos, Chios, Ornytion, Sisypus
Slipstream Connections: Alcyone, Celaeno, Taygeta


Revolution Era Hjalti82