• Genetic caste system
  • Millennia old naval tradition
  • Complex seasonal changes

A rocky planet planet in the Alcyone System. The planet orbits Alcyone B and has a particularly strong magnetic field protecting it from the worst of the radiation. The seasons here are complicated since the planet’s orbit is close to that of Alcyone C which is a variable star. This makes seasonal changes highly irregular. It already had a primitive biosphere when humans arrived though it was mostly barren. The planet has small oceans that freeze completely during long winters, the continents are mostly barren radiation blasted wastelands that are either too hot or too cold depending on the season. Human cities and bases are built either underground or with strong radiation shields. Anyone who spends time out on the surface will suffer serious radiation bombardment. The Hyrieans dealt with this by means of genetic engineering. The Hyriean agricultural-worker caste that works out on the planet’s surface has been engineered to withstand radiation to a much higher degree than ordinary humans. Even so these workers don’t have a long life expectancy, mutations are frequent.

Hyrieus is ruled by the Supreme Empress Temennu. A seemingly immortal human who is claimed to trace her lineage back to the original colonists and some say back to the lost home-world, Terra. The symbol of the Temennu Imperium is a golden sunburst with three small planets inside. This is curious because most people in the Pleiades Cluster don’t associate golden colors with sunlight. Under the Empress are hierarchies of inbred feudal dynasties wrought by constant internal strife and intrigue. The most advanced genetic modifications are reserved for the nobility and some of them are practically supermen. Hyriean feudalism is thus a genetic hierarchy as well as a political one. Lower classes might receive modifications to make them better soldiers, engineers or bureaucrats. Modifications to ensure loyalty are common. At the bottom of Hyriean society is the worker class which has a short and brutal existence.

Hyriean culture has a proud and millennia old naval tradition, the pride of Hyriean society is the Imperial Space Fleet. Every young noble dreams of serving as an officer and high prices are paid for commissions. The Imperial Space Fleet has a golden sunburst and space ship symbol. Officers wear extravagant black uniforms with golden stripes and decorations. Though the fleet has antimatter reaction drives, ships are commonly fitted with photon sails as well because solar winds are so ample in Alcyone and it is an easy and practical way to save r-mass.

Orbiting: Alcyone B
Orbital Radius: 3,6 AU
Orbital Period: 3,1 Earth Years
Day length: 28 Earth Hours
Gravity: 1,1 G
Radius: 7012 km
Atmospheric Pressure: 645 hPA (breathable)
Surface Temperature: 289 K
Moons: Ceyx


Revolution Era Hjalti82