Celaeno (System C)
T0 E-4 R-1

  • Old military space stations
  • Derelict salvage operations
  • Dying star
  • Strange gravity anomalies


Celaeno was a B-type subgiant with a rich planetary system only a few thousand years ago. In a matter of few millennia the star seems to have burned through all of its hydrogen fuel. Essentially it has aged in a few thousand years in a way that should have taken it about 300 million years. With the hydrogen at its core depleted the star began to fuse helium and heavier molecules which caused it to vastly expand its corona and swallow up the inner system. The star is much bigger and more luminous but also significantly colder. Now Celaeno is a a dying star. A M-type red giant with a radius about 190 times that of Sol and luminosity about 3350 times greater, but its surface temperature is only about 5.000 K.

No planets remain in the system, the inner system was obviously swallowed up by the expanding star but the outer planets have also been torn up by some mysterious force so that nothing remains but asteroids and gaseous debris. The prevailing theory is that there was a war fought in the system and by the means of some extraordinary technology the gravity field of Celaeno was manipulated to tear apart its planets, completely annihilating the civilization that inhabited the system. This manipulation of the stars gravity took enormous energy and sped up the hydrogen fusion process in the star’s core. This theory is supported by strange gravity anomalies in the system as well as scant archeological evidence.

Slipstream Connections: Alcyone, Merope, Rhee


Revolution Era Hjalti82