Alcyone (System A)
T3 E-2 R2

  • Inbred feudal dynasties
  • Dozens of planets, and hundreds of moons
  • Intense and deadly radiation

A system that contains no less than four stars. The main star Alcyone A is a true monster of a B-type blue-white giant. It has a radius about 10 times that of the Sun and luminosity 2.400 times greater. It has high rotation velocity which has created a gaseous disc flung from the star around its equator. Alcyone B is an A-type dwarf that orbits the main star but has two satellite stars of its own. Alcyone C is also an A-type dwarf that orbits Alcyone B. It is a so called Delta Scuti variable star which is to say that its brightness and heat output goes through variations. Alcyone D is a F-type yellow-white dwarf also in orbit around Alcyone B.

The Alcyone System has four stars, dozens of planets, and hundreds of moons. But the intense and deadly radiation from the four stars make most of them lifeless and barren. Pre-collapse humans seem however to have managed to settle and partially terraform at least one world, Hyrieus. Still human survival there is in no small part due to genetic engineering towards improved radiation resistance. Planetary bases, mining operations, factories, and military outposts have been established on other planets and moons in the system but they are all dependent on Hyrieus. The whole system is ruled by the Temennu Imperium which implements a strict hierarchy, at the top of which are a handful of inbred feudal dynasties. A significant part of Temennu Imperial power is the millennia old naval tradition that has culminated in the Imperial Space Fleet.

Notable Planets: Hyrieus
Slipstream Connections: Merope, Celaeno, Rhee


Revolution Era Hjalti82