• Key economic location
  • Enormous and inexhaustible source of energy
  • Accelerator factories

The only moon of Hyrieus. With no atmosphere, crater speckled surface and low gravity this moon doesn’t have much to go for it other than its proximity to Hyrieus. Yet it is a key economic location for the Temennu Empire. With orbital solar mirrors collecting sunlight to focus points on the surface the moon has access to enormous and inexhaustible source of energy. Much of this power is used for the accelerator factories which convert energy into antimatter which in turn is used as reaction mass for space ships.

It was the seat of House Anokeen until it went rogue.

Orbiting: Hyrieus
Orbital Period: 0,1 Earth Years
Day length: 41 Earth Hours
Gravity: 0,3 G
Radius: 1800 km
Atmospheric Pressure: 0 hPA
Surface Temperature: 150-420 K


Revolution Era Hjalti82