C-24 gauss rifle

  • High recoil
  • Out of juce
  • The armor can supplement the rifle

Harm: 2
Range: 2-5
Penetration: 3
Tech: 3
Cost: 3
Stunts: full auto, silent (-1 penetration)

The standard issue weapon of the IMC Space Marines. Fires hypersonic 8 mm armor-piercing metal “spikes” through a magnetic coil system. Since it doesn’t use chemical propellant it functions very well in vacuum. The C-24 is fully automatic with a fire rate of 30 rounds per second, although fully automatic fire is discouraged under most circumstances. A capacitor system is used to fire the weapon in short bursts, conserving ammunition and minimizing power requirements. Due to this, the C-24 rifle has high recoil; IMC Powered Combat Suit is designed to suppress this. The armor can also supplement the rifle’s power supply. Otherwise it requires both batteries and ammunition. If the rifle’s batteries run out of juice it can’t fire even if there is plenty of ammunition.

The only noise the rifle makes is the sound of the bullets breaking the sound barrier. The rifle can be set to fire sub-sonic bullets but that reduces armor penetration.

C-24 gauss rifle

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