Revolution Era

Part 1
On the edge of invasion.

0995e8ee09c3c8ae2277ea83cb9d97d1.jpgWhat remains of the rogue imperial house Anokeen and the rest of their rag-tag crew hold out a desperate struggle against Imperial domination from their aging battlecruiser the Chariot. They answer a distress signal from one of the outer gas giants of the Rhee system. On one of the planet’s moons they discover an abandoned Imperial outpost and a single surviving space marine. Dr. Murdock manages to revive Private Aldo on the ship, he also takes the opportunity to purge the loyalty gene code from the marine’s genetic matrix. The gene therapy causes minor brain tissue damage and Aldo has difficulties recalling the details of his mission down on the moon. To jog his memory Captain Anokeen offers him to join a second expedition down to the surface.

The pilot Sputnik takes a crew of four down to the abandoned outpost in an orbital interface shuttle. The space marine Aldo, the cyborg Silas, the mysterious Axis Finco, and the robot designated as Omega Zeta Theta. The team discovers that the outpost was a comm relay station. Axis Finco manages to hack into their system and gain access to fleet logistics in the Rhee system. The data shows that an Imperial invasion may be underway in the next few days.

As their investigations are being warped up the ice on the moon outside cracks and the marine crustaceans native to the moons deep oceans swarm up to the surface in a feeding frenzy. It suddenly becomes apparent what happened to the former crew of the station, they were all eaten by the aliens. The team manages to get into a rover and drive out on the ice where Sputnik can pick them up with an intense and risky maneuver before they are swarmed by the crustaceans.


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