The Chariot

  • This ship is our home
  • Twenty years in exile have taken a toll
  • A crew of rag-tag spacers
  • Designed to take the fight to the enemy
  • Reputation as terrorists and pirates


A Tiamat Class Battlecruiser owned by house Anokeen. It has been the home and mobile base of operations for House Anokeen since Duke List Anokeen took the house into exile 20 years ago. Currently it is commanded by right of succession by his daughter Pari Anokeen. Like all Tiamat Class Battlecurisers the Chariot is well armed and well equipped but 20 years in exile have taken a toll. The ship is in serious need of maintenance and fuel is a precious commodity since antimatter is only produced in the accelerator factories of the Empire. The crew is an assortment of rag-tag spacers from the barbarian systems, and loyal household retainers who remain dedicated to house Anokeen even after all this time. The Chariot has survived by taking mercenary commissions from various groups in the barbarian systems. Those jobs often involve defending those groups and their interests against Imperial aggression. This has earned the Chariot and her crew a reputation as terrorists and pirates in the Empire.

V-shift 2
Beam 3
Torpedo 3
EW 0
Trade 2

Frame 3
Data 3
Heat 3

Slipdrive (T3): Can traverse slipstreams.
Vector Randomizer: Base defense 2 against beams.
Point Defense: Base defense 2 against torpedoes.
Interface Vehicle: Carries its own interface vehicle capable of both landing and takeoff on worlds with up to 3 G.

The Chariot

Revolution Era Hjalti82