Imperial Marine Core

  • Elite first assault troops 91adfc3330d550f17535c60adec65c29.jpg
  • Augmented both physically and mentally
  • The infamous loyalty gene-code

The IMC Space Marines are the elite first assault troops of the Temennu Empire. Equipped with the IMC-440 Powered Combat Suit they can operate in nearly any environment and are frequently sent into combat in the wake of orbital bombardment. They can be rapidly deployed with orbital droppods though slower dropships or shuttles are safer.

Space Marines are augmented both physically and mentally with genetic, and cybernetic modifications. Noteworthy are the neuro-jack armor interface implant, genetically enhanced strength and reflexes and the infamous loyalty gene-code.
IMC Space Marines can field a large array of weapons depending on the mission but the C-24 gauss rifle is standard equipment.

The IMC armor is painted in the black and gold of the Imperial Space Fleet. Many Temennu noble houses and Alcyone based corporations have Space Marines in their household military forces. They are usually directly based on the organization and technology of the IMC but incorporate house colors and heraldry or corporate logos in the armor.

Imperial Marine Core

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