Xeno-archeologist adventurer.

  • “Xeno-archeologist adventurer”
  • “The Taygetan’s are the great hope of the cluster”
  • “It belongs in a museum”

Skills: Profession (xeno-archeologist) 4, Communications (MG) 3, Science 3, Culture / Tech (Vinci) 2, EVA 2, Resolve 2, Medical 1, Survival 1, Oratory 1, Vehicle 1
Stunts: Integral Equipment (AI Computer)


The active kind of scholar. Travels the cluster with her AI companion looking for artifacts.

Born on in the Rhee System. She is one of those rare gifted humans who was invited to study at the Seven Sisters University in the Taygeta System. She has a unique insight into that mysterious and advanced society and it is rumored that she is working for the Taygetans. Some of her close acquaintances ask themselves if the AI implanted into her brain is really so much helping her as it is overseeing her.


Revolution Era Hjalti82