Axis Finco

  • “An individualistic agent of freedom that masquerades as a bounty hunter and sometimes criminal”
  • “Taygetan connections of questionable nature”
  • “So what it’s not even 9 O’clock? I’m not getting out of bed unless you hand me that bottle”.

Skills: Stealth 5, Communications (MG) 4, Close Combat 4, Stamina 3, Resolve 3, Alertness 3, Culture / Tech (Alcyone, Rhee, Taygeta) 2, EVA 2, Energy Weapons 2, Tactics 2, MicroG 1, Medical 1, Aircrafts 1, Slug Throwers 1, Computer 1

Stunts: Military Grade EVA ( Cy-Tech Hardflex Stealthsuit)


1. Growing up

Born in the Republic city state Odyssey on the planet Song in the Rhee Solar System. His inherently curious personality and lack of understanding for authority, possibly because of his upbringing and his tendency of getting bored easily landing him in curious circumstances more often than not, garnered him the attention of the Taygetans who for some unknown reason found him interesting enough for further observation, gifted or not. That is how he was invited to study at the Seven Sisters university in the Taygeta System.

Little documentation are of his time studying at the Taygetan University but fellow students who were invited to study there at the same time he was have a hard time remembering him attending any of the classes but rather remember him in proximity to local disturbances watching from the sidelines looking in retrospect “…a little bit guilty”.

2. Starting up

After his time in the Taygeta System he did all sorts of odd jobs ranging from bounty hunting to smuggling from planet to planet doing what he does best preceding some local disturbance or another, looking from the sidelines with what can only be described a small smug smile of satisfaction.

3. Moment of crisis

On one questionable venture his path crossed with Aldo while hunting down a fugitive wanted by the Temennu Empire in the Merope System. Due to conflicting interest being that Axis having no interest in him as a fugitive and more of an interest in why he was a fugitive in the first place, the hunt quickly became a matter of the local news in the disturbances created between Aldo and Axis mutually exclusive hunt although the involved were only described as Temennu Agents and its Shadow. In the end Aldo’s brawn and Axis’s wits found their match in each other giving the fugitive enough time to make his escape.

4. Side tracked

While on, as usual, yet another of his shady ventures Axis crossed paths with Instructor Oberon, a high ranking fleet official within the Temennu Empire and sold him misleading information concerning a terrorist wanted by the Empire. As Oberon leaves Axis with a twinkle in his eye and his usual smugness bids him farwell by saying “It’s all Oberon now” followed with “Temennu is love, Temennu is life”.

5. On his own

Classified Information

Axis Finco

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